The Story of His Church List

I Appeal To Caesar

After two years a new governor was appointed to Caesarea. To please the Jews, Felix left Paul in prison. Festus, the new governor, was not acquainted with the Jews' customs and religion. After three days at Caesarea, he went to Jerusalem to learn more about the people he was to govern.

As soon as Festus arrived in Jerusalem,

the high priest and leaders of the Jews began to tell him about Paul. They tried to get Festus to send for Paul. If Paul were brought to Jerusalem, they planned to kill him.

But Festus said, "I'm going back to Caesarea. You come down there and accuse him."

Ten days later Paul was brought before the Jews and Festus at Caesarea. The Jews made many serious charges that they could not prove. Paul said, "I have never done anything against the Jews or against the temple or against Caesar." To do the Jews a favor Festus asked Paul, "Are you willing to go to Jerusalem and be judged before me there?"

Paul answered, "I stand before Caesar's judgment seat. To the Jews I have done no wrong, as you know very well. If I have done anything worthy of death, I am willing to die. I appeal to Caesar."

Festus knew that every Roman citizen had a right to appear before Caesar, the head of the great Roman Empire. To Paul's request, Festus could give only one answer. "You have appealed to Caesar and to Caesar you shall go."

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