The Story of His Church List

The Unknown god

While Paul waited in Athens for Silas and Timothy, he looked over the city. He saw idols everywhere. How many different gods these people worshiped! There was even an altar to the Unknown God.

In this city was a Jewish synagogue also. Here Paul spoke to the Jews about Christ.

As he walked through

the streets, sincere people asked him questions about the gospel. Soon he was teaching them about Christ each day. Others were curious and gathered to listen. It was hard for them to understand about Jesus and his resurrection. They thought Paul spoke about a strange god from another land.

But Paul's listeners were so impressed that they wanted him to speak on Mars' Hill. At this place important matters were discussed. Some of the wisest men of Greece spoke here. And Paul's friends took him to Mars' Hill to speak about Christ.

Paul stood up before all the wise men and the curious crowd. He said, "I saw the altar you built to the Unknown God. I want to tell you about this God now. It is he who has made the world and all things in it. He is the Lord of heaven and earth. He does not live in temples made by men. He gives life and breath to all creatures. He has made the people of every nation.

"This God is not far from every one of us. He wants people of every nation to seek him. He is not like gold or silver or stone that man shapes into an idol. Now that you know about the true God he commands you to repent of your sins, for the day is coming when he will call all men to judgment." And he told them about Jesus whom God had raised from the dead.

When the wise men heard this, some laughed. Others shook their heads doubtfully and said, "Come back another time and tell us more about this strange thing."

But several came and asked to know more about Christ. One of them was Dionysius, an important man in Athens. Dionysius believed and was saved. A few others turned from their idols and believed in the true God and in his Son, Jesus Christ.

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