The Story of His Church List

Conversion Of A Roman

The first stopping place was the island of Cyprus. They preached about Jesus in the cities of Salamis and Paphos. At Paphos the Roman governor, Sergius Paulus, sent for them. He, too, wanted to hear the word of God.

When the two missionaries came, the governor listened eagerly - so eagerly that a 

magician who was watching feared that Sergius Paulus was about to become a Christian. Because the magician did not want this to happen, he tried to turn the governor's attention to other things.

Paul, noticed what the magician was trying to do. The Holy Spirit filled Paul and he looked straight at the magician and said, "You enemy of all righteousness, will you never stop trying to oppose the way of the Lord? Because you have tried to turn people away from the Lord, you will be blind for a time."

From that moment on the man could see nothing and had to ask for someone to lead him by the hand. When Sergius Paulus saw this, he was astonished. At once he believed in the power of God and in Jesus, his Son.

After the Roman governor believed in Christ, the missionaries took a ship for Perga in Asia Minor. Here John Mark left them and returned to his home in Jerusalem. Barnabas and Paul went on to another city called Antioch.

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