The Story of His Church List


Many believers fled to other cities and nearby countries when life became dangerous for them in Jerusalem. Wherever they went they told about Jesus, and many who heard believed in Jesus too.

Some of the believers fled northward to the country of Syria. In the large city of Antioch they made their homes. From the very first they 

preached about Jesus, both to the Jews and to the Gentiles. Many who heard believed and turned to the Lord.

When the church at Jerusalem heard about the believers at Antioch, they sent Barnabas to visit them. It took him several days to get to Antioch. As soon as he reached the city, he wanted to meet the believers. How impressed he was with the great number of Gentiles who now believed in Jesus! He rejoiced and encouraged them to serve the Lord with all their hearts.

The believers brought their friends and neighbors to hear Barnabas preach, and many more people were won to the Lord. The church at Antioch was growing so fast that Barnabas needed more helpers. He remembered that God had called Paul to preach to the Gentiles. Paul was now in his home town of Tarsus, not far from Antioch. Barnabas decided to go to see Paul. Barnabas and Paul were glad to see each other again. Barnabas did not return to Antioch alone, for Paul came with him. For a whole year the two preached the gospel there and encouraged the believers.

The townspeople noticed that people who believed in Christ acted differently from others. They began calling the believers Christians because they acted like Christ.

Prophets from Jerusalem came to visit the church at Antioch. They said God had showed them there was to be a great famine throughout all the lands.

Time passed, and a great famine did come. Word reached the church at Antioch that the believers in Judea were hungry and in need. At once the Antioch Christians wanted to help. Each man gave as large an offering as he could. Then the church chose Barnabas and Paul to take this offering to the saints at Jerusalem.

When Barnabas and Paul arrived in Jerusalem with the offering, they probably stayed at Mary's home. She was one of Barnabas' relatives.

When the two got ready to go back to Antioch, Barnabas and Paul invited Mary's son, John Mark, to go with them. This young man wanted very much to work for the Lord. Gladly he said goodbye to his friends and went with Barnabas and Paul.

Later John Mark became a fine gospel worker and carried the gospel to heathen lands. Finally he wrote the Gospel According to Saint Mark. You will find the stories he wrote in your Bible.

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