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At the Beautiful Gate

Just outside the gate of the temple called Beautiful sat a poor cripple who had never walked a step. Every morning friends carried him here. He begged from the people who passed him on their way into the temple. Many felt sorry for him and gave him money. One afternoon Peter and John went up to the temple at the hour of prayer. As they approached the

Gate Beautiful, the crippled beggar called out to them. He wanted them to give him some money.

The two apostles stopped and turned to look at the beggar. They saw how crippled he was. Peter said to him, "Look at us!"

The cripple looked up, expecting to receive a coin. But Peter said, "Silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give to you." Then he commanded, "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!"

Peter reached down, took the surprised man by the hand, and lifted him up. At once strength came into the feet and ankles that had always been useless. The man walked and jumped, praising God.

With Peter and John he entered the temple. He was so happy and thankful to be able to walk that he rejoiced aloud. The people were amazed when they saw him walking and leaping for joy. They knew -this was the man who had always begged at the temple gate.

The happy man threw his arms around Peter and John, and the astonished people gathered around. When Peter saw the people, he began to preach to them. "Men of Israel," he said, "why do you marvel at what has happened to this lame man? Why do you look at us so strangely—as though we had healed this man by our own power or holiness?"

Peter told the people that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had glorified his Son Jesus whom the Jewish people had refused to believe. "Even before Pilate, the Roman governor," said Peter, "you denied Jesus when Pilate wanted to let him go. You killed the Prince of life, but God has raised him from the dead. We are his witnesses. Through faith in the name of Jesus this man who was crippled now walks. You can see that he is perfectly well." 

Many of the people were saddened to think they had not believed Jesus while he was with them. Peter noticed their sorrow and said, "I know you did not realize what you were doing when you cried out, 'Crucify him!' Nor did your rulers know. But God told you in
the writings of his prophets that these things would happen to his Son. And now, if you will repent of your sins, they will be blotted out. God will forgive you and free you from guilt."

Five thousand people who listened believed in Jesus and were saved.

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