The Story of His Church List


Before Jesus returned to heaven, he told his followers, "Now I must leave you and go to my Father. I will send the Holy Spirit to be with you. Stay in Jerusalem until you receive the Holy Spirit."

Back to Jerusalem his followers went. Just a few weeks before when Jesus was seized, they had been terrified. What if they were arrested

too? In fear they had hidden or run away.

Now these followers were no longer afraid. They were changed men. They did what the Master said without question. They had seen the risen Lord! Joy and hope filled their hearts. How glad they were to be Jesus' followers!

Ten days after Jesus ascended to heaven, the Jews celebrated the feast of the harvest, called Pentecost. All Jerusalem was filled with strangers from every part of the world. People of many languages gathered at the temple to thank God for their good harvest.

This time the followers of Jesus did not go to the temple to observe the feast. On hundred and twenty of them met in an upper room to pray and wait for the Holy Spirit.

Suddenly it happened. No one knows exactly how, but the Holy Spirit came upon them. They heard the sound of a might rushing wind and saw little tongues of fire on the head of each person.

At once they began to praise God. Every trace of fear was gone. They had a new boldness and courage to tell others that Jesus was really the Christ, and that they were his followers.

Soon the noise of their rejoicing was heard in the street below. People stopped to listen and see what was happening. The followers of Jesus left the upper room and went into the street below. They had to tell others about the Savior. As they praised God, even the foreigners understood, for each person heard his own language.

The foreigners looked at each other in amazement. "What does this mean?" they asked. "We hear these men speaking in our own languages, but they have lived in Galilee all their lives. Have they studied our languages?" 

In the crowd were Jews from Jerusalem. They had been there when Jesus was crucified and when he rose from the grave. They recognized these happy people as followers of Jesus. Turning to the crowd that looked on, the Jews said, "These followers of Jesus must
be drunk. We've never seen them act like this before." 

Peter overheard. Boldly he stood up where all the people could see him. "Men of Jerusalem and all Judea," he said, "we are not drunk as you suppose, but we have received a great blessing from God." But Peter did not stop with that. He preached to them about Jesus. The people listened as they had never listened before. They were hearing Peter with their hearts as well as with their ears. How sorry and ashamed they were to have had a part in crucifying Jesus! They felt so guilty that they cried out, "Men and brethren, what shall we do to be saved?"

Peter replied, "Repent, every one of you, for your sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Your sins will be forgiven and you will receive the Holy Spirit. The gift of the Holy Spirit is not given just to us but to every one who believes on the Lord." 

And many people did repent and find forgiveness. That day three. thousand were baptized. How happy they were! They rejoiced greatly because their sins had been forgiven. 

By the power of the Holy Spirit the apostles worked many signs and wonders in Jerusalem. Fear fell on the people who saw and heard. Every day more believers were added to their number. Soon there was a great company of believers. 

Those who believed on Jesus sold what they owned and divided their money with those who were poor. Each day they met to praise and worship God in the temple. Many people believed when they saw and heard these followers of Jesus, and the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved. 

That was the beginning of the first Christian church, or the "church of God," as it is called in the Scriptures. 

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