The Story of His Church List

The Upper Room

Before Jesus returned to heaven, he told his followers, "Now I must leave you and go to my Father. I will send the Holy Spirit to be with you. Stay in Jerusalem until you receive the Holy Spirit."

Back to Jerusalem his followers went. Just a few weeks before when Jesus was seized, they had been terrified. What if they were arrested

too? In fear they had hidden or run away.

Now these followers were no longer afraid. They were changed men. They did what the Master said without question. They had seen the risen Lord! Joy and hope filled their hearts. How glad they were to be Jesus' followers!

Every day they met together, and praised God, and prayed, in the large upper room where Jesus had taken his last supper with them.

The eleven disciples chose a twelfth man to take the place which had belonged to Judas, the traitor. His name was Matthias. With those were Mary, the mother of Jesus, and his brothers, and the women who had been at the cross and the tomb, and a number of others, men and women, who believed in Jesus as the Christ. The whole number of the company was one hundred and twenty people. In all the world these were all who at that time believed in Christ.

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