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King Ahab's death brought no relief to Israel, for his son, Joram, too, was a tyrant. And so the Prophet Elisha, with oil from the sacred horn, anointed young Jehu, son of Jehoshaphat, and the people of Israel accepted him as their king.

Immediately, Jehu leaped into his chariot and 

drove furiously toward Jezreel. It chanced that a watchman on the wall of the city saw the dust from Jehu's chariot, and he warned King Joram.

Joram sprang into his own chariot and rode forth from the palace to meet the stranger. As the two chariots drew together, Jehu shouted: "I have come to punish you and your mother Jezebel for all the evil you have brought to our people." And drawing his bow with his full strength, he sent an arrow into Joram's heart. Then he ordered the king's body thrown to the dogs, and drove on to the palace.

When Jezebel learned of Jehu's approach, she painted her face and adorned her body and leaned out of her window, hoping to entice the man who had slain her son. But Jehu coldly ordered the eunuchs to hurl their wicked mistress down from the window, and she was dashed to death upon the stones of the street. And so was the house of Ahab destroyed and the word of the prophets fulfilled.

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