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Stories Of Elisha

And so, Elisha continued the work of Elijah. Many were the miracles her performed as he traveled through the land of Israel.

There was a Shunammite woman (Shunem was on the north side of the Vale of Jezreel) who had only one son, whom she dearly loved. Each day he went into the fields with his father to help

the reapers. One day the lad fell sick, and after they had carried him home to his mother, he died.

The mother laid him upon a bed, and set forth to seek Elisha, the man of God, who had helped her in times past. Seeing that she was greatly troubled, the prophet went with her to her house where the child lay. And he went into the room alone, and shut the door and prayed. Suddenly, the boy sneezed seven times, and sat up, and opened his yes.

And the ma of God said: "Call the Shunammite." And when she had come, he said: "Take up your son." Falling at his feet, the mother poured out her thanks to Elisha for saving her son.

On another occasion, Elisha and his followers chanced to be in the land of Gilgal during a time of great famine.

Calling to his servants, he said: "Let the great pot be put on the fire, and cook pottage."

All that cold be found in the fields was a wild vine bearing gourds, and these were shredded into the pot. Then all ate of the pottage and found it good.

Later there came a man from Baalshalisha, bringing with him bread and twenty barley loaves and some ears of corn in the husk. Elisha directed his servants to distribute this food to all of the people roundabout, but they cried: "My master, that little is not enough to set before so many."

Elisha answered: "God has promised that they shall eat and leave some after. Set the food before the people."

So the servants did as he bade them, and all the people ate their fill, and there was food left over when they had finished, even as the man of God had said.

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