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Saul's Death

While David was still an outlaw, Samuel died, and thus Saul was left greatly in need of a prophet to advise him. For the Philistines were continually threatening the Israelites, and Saul knew not whether to attack or flee before them. He prayed for a sign, but no sign came.

So, Saul disguised himself, and with two men went by night to a

woman of Endor, known as a witch and a soothsayer. He thought she might help him.

"Call up Samuel for me!" cried the king to the witch when he saw her.

The witch called up Samuel, and Saul heard the prophet's voice speaking thus: "Why have you disturbed me? Jehovah has refused to answer your prayers, because of your wickedness. The authority shall be taken from you and given to David. Tomorrow you and your sons shall be slain, and your army shall be overpowered by the Philistines."

Saul trembled with fear, and his strength failed him, as he returned to his house.

The next day, even as the spirit of Samuel had foretold, the great army of the Philistines attacked the Israelites, and the battle went against Saul. Soon brave Jonathan and his two brothers fell, and an enemy arrow pierced Saul.

"Draw your sword and kill me," Saul begged of his armor-bearer. "Do not let me fall into the hands of the Philistines to be tortured." When his servant refused, Saul took his own sword and fell upon it.

So ended the house of Saul, even as the witch of Endor had prophesied.

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