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While King Saul and his six hundred men stayed at Gibeah, Jonathan took his servant and slipped away. Jonathan, Saul's son, told his armor-bearer, "Come, let us go over to the Philistine camp. Perhaps the Lord will help us. He can save his people by a few as easily as he can by many soldiers."

Then Jonathan explained his plan. "When the

Philistines see us, they will call out. If they say, 'Stay there and we will come to you,' we will stand still and not go up to the garrison. But if they say, 'Come up here,' that will be the sign the Lord is with us, and we will take the garrison.

When they got close to the garrison, the Philistines called out, "Come up and we will show you something."

Jonathan told his servant, "Let us go up, for the Lord is with us."

And the two Israelites took one Philistine after another. 

And the two Israelites took one Philistine after another. Then there was an earthquake and the ground began to tremble. The Philistines thought a strong army had come to fight them. When they heard the cries of the men Jonathan and his servant had attacked, the Philistines grabbed their weapons and got ready to fight. But instead of attacking Jonathan and his servant, they fought one another. The mighty Philistines ran like cowards into the woods. The men of Israel chased after them.

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