Old Testament Story List

Jacob's Vision

One night, during his journey to Haran, Jacob stopped by the wayside to rest, and there he dreamed a very wonderful dream. He saw before him a golden ladder set upon the earth. The top if it reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. At the very top, above them all, stood the Lord, who spoke to him, "I am the

Lord, God of Abraham and of Isaac. The land upon which you are lying now I will give to you and your children. And they shall spread over the land in all directions and be blessed. No matter where you wander, I shall be with you and bring you back one day. For I shall not leave you until this id done."

Jacob awoke with a start. He was a little afraid, for he felt he had been at the very gates of heaven. He rose early in the morning, gathered a few stones, made a pillar and poured oil over it. And he called the place Bethel, which means the "house of God."

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