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Isaac & Rebekah

After Sarah died, Abraham and his son, Isaac, mourned over her death. And Abraham was worried because Isaac was not yet married, although he was now a fine young man, and one day would inherit a great fortune.

At that time, it was the custom for the parents to choose husbands and wives for their children,

but Abraham felt that he was too old to go out in search of a wife for his son. He called to his side an old and trusted servant and spoke to him: "I do not wish Isaac to marry a girl from Canaan. Go back to the country from which we came and find him a wife."

So the servant took ten camels and servants, money and costly gifts, and set out for Haran.

When he neared the city, he stopped by the well outside the walls to water his camels. It was early evening, the time when the women went out to draw water. There by the well, the faithful servant prayed to the Lord, "Oh, Lord God, I pray You, give me a sign to help me. When the daughters of the city came out to draw water, I shall ask that one let down her pitcher that I may drink. Let there be one who shall say 'Drink, and I will give your camels water to drink also.' Let that same girl be the one You have chosen for Your servant Isaac."

Even before he had done speaking, there came a very beautiful girl, Rebekah, with her pitcher upon her shoulder. When she had filled her pitcher, the servant asked for a drink. Graciously she let down her pitcher from her shoulder, and gave him a drink. And when he had finished, she drew water and filled the trough for all his camels to drink. The servant, knowing that the Lord was guiding him, asked her name. When she said, "Rebekah, daughter of Bethuel, son of Milcah, who was the wife of Abraham's brother Nahor," he bowed his head and thanked the Lord. Then he went with Rebekah to call upon her family.

To her mother and her brother, Laban, the man explained his errand. He told of Abraham's wealth and age, and of his desire to find a girl of his own tribe as a wife for his only son. He told them also of his prayer asking the lord to give him a sign, and said that Rebekah had been chosen.

The servant asked that Rebekah be allowed to return with him to be Isaac's wife. The girl's family agreed, and they prepared a great feast. Abraham's servant brought forth the jewels and gifts Abraham had sent for Rebekah and she departed with Abraham's servant and his men.

One evening, while Isaac was out in the field, he saw the camels coming in the distance, and he went to meet them. The servant told all that had passed, how young and beautiful Rebekah was, and how kind she had been.

So Isaac and Rebecca were married and were very happy with each other. Abraham was pleased to see that his son had married such a good wife, and he gave all he possessed to Isaac. He died in peace at a good old age, and Isaac buried him in a cave beside his wife, Sarah.

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