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Noah had many descendants. In the tenth generation of the family of Shem, three sons were born to Terah, who dwelt in the land of Ur. They were named Abraham and Nahor and Haran.

After the death of his youngest son, Terah left his home. He took with him Abraham and his wife, Sarah, and Lot,

Haran's son. Leaving behind Nahor and his wife, Milcah, they went forth to settle in the land of Haran. There they lived until the death of Terah, many years later.

Soon after the death of Terah, the Lord appeared to Abraham and said, "Leave your father's house and country. I will show you a new land where you are to go. There a great nation will spring from you, and your name shall be great. In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."

Abraham took his wife, Sarah, and his nephew, Lot, and all their belongings and followers. They departed from Haran and traveled down toward the land of Canaan.

On the way, the herdsmen of Lot and Abraham quarreled over which should have the better grazing land for his flocks. Therefore, Abraham said to Lot, "Let there be no strife between us, for we are brethren. The whole land is before us. Choose in which direction you will go and let us separate in peace."

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