Old Testament Story List


"Genesis" means "origin." The book of Genesis tells us the origin of the universe and especially about the origin of Earth, the home of mankind. The creation account begins with a dark and lifeless state into which God speaks. At the Word of God, there is light!  The second day, God made the sky and separated the seas from the dry land. On the third day, God created

the vegetation for the Earth - grasses, seed bearing plants and trees. On the fourth day, God placed the lights in the heavens to serve the Earth. The sun lit the daytime and the moon lit the night. Countless stars and nebulae came into being. On the fifth day, God filled the Earth with life. He created life in the seas and in the air and on the land. The crowning glory of His creation occurred on the sixth day and is the creation of Man (both male and female), into whom He breathed His spirit. Thus, the heavens and the earth, and all that lived in them were completed. On the seventh day, His work completed, God rested.

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