The Story of Jesus

The Last Supper

"Where shall we go to prepare the Passover meal?" the disciples asked Jesus.

Jesus told Peter and John, "Go into the city, and there you will meet a man carrying a pitcher of water; follow him. When he goes into his house, say to him, 'Where is the guest room where Jesus is to eat the Passover with his disciples?' "

The two went their way. It was as Jesus had said. The owner of the house led them, to an upstairs room. Probably he knew Jesus and was glad to have him use the guest room.

When evening came Jesus and the other ten joined Peter and John. A feeling of sadness crept over them when Jesus said that this was his last supper with them.

Would Jesus really be taken away from them? It seemed impossible to think men ever could kill him. And soon they were talking about other matters at the supper table. Some wondered who would be the greatest in Jesus' kingdom. They did not understand his teachings.

Jesus knew their thoughts and wanted to teach them more about his kingdom. He got up from the table, took off his outer coat, and tied a towel around his waist. Taking a basin of water, he began to wash their feet.

The disciples looked at each other in surprise. Why should Jesus do this? They had washed their feet before coming into the upper room. Peter pulled his feet away from Jesus and exclaimed, "Lord, you shall never wash my feet!"

"If I wash you not," said Jesus, "you shall never have a part in my kingdom."

But Peter wanted a part in Jesus' kingdom! He said, "Lord, wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head."

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