The Story of Jesus

Judas Sells His Soul

The chief priests in Jerusalem wanted exceedingly to learn two things. They wanted a proof that Jesus had positively claimed to be the Messiah, so that they might accuse him of blasphemy. 

One of his disciples could give that proof. Furthermore, they wanted to know from someone who would intimately know of Jesus' 

movements where and when they might be able to seize him without danger that the crowd should know of it, and so perhaps defend him. They could learn that also only from one of Jesus' friends. 

Some rumor of what they wanted may have come to Judas. This, then, was his chance, and he would take it - this chance to separate himself from the cause of Jesus, which, so far as what he wanted was concerned, already seemed a failure - his chance to win honor and reward from those who were powerful in Jerusalem.

So Judas went secretly to the Sanhedrin, which was the ruling council of the Jewish Church. He was willing to tell them what Jesus had said. He was willing to show them how they could get Jesus into their power. Did they want to know that? They did. And what would they give for the knowledge? Thirty silver pieces they would give, and they weighed them out in his presence.

From that time on, Judas watched his opportunity to betray his Master.

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