The Story of Jesus

Parable Of The Talents

Because many people were listening, Jesus told a parable or story sermon. He knew the people were expecting the kingdom of heaven to be set up soon like an earthly kingdom. He hoped this story would help them understand what the kingdom of heaven is like. Jesus said:

"A certain nobleman went to a far country

to receive a kingdom. Before leaving home he gave a sum of money, called a talent, to each of his ten servants. They were to use the money until his return.

"When the nobleman came back, he called the ten servants and asked how they had used the money.

"The first servant brought the money and said, 'I traded with the talent you gave me, and I have gained ten talents.' The nobleman was pleased and said, 'Because you have done this, you are to rule ten cities in my kingdom.'

"Next came a servant who had gained five talents by using the money wisely. To him the nobleman said, 'To you I will give the rule of five cities in my kingdom.'

"Then a third servant brought only the one talent the nobleman had given him. 'Here is your talent. I kept it wrapped in this napkin while you were away. I was afraid I might lose it, and I knew you were a harsh master.'

"The nobleman answered, 'If you knew I was a harsh master, why did you not put my money into a bank that I might have it and its interest on my return?' He commanded those who stood by, 'Take the one talent from the unfaithful servant and give it to the one who has ten.'

"The servants asked, 'Lord, he has ten talents; why give him more?'

"He answered, 'To every one who uses what he has, more shall be given, but he who does not use what he has shall have it taken away.' "

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