The Story of Jesus

Jesus and Children

While Jesus was teaching the people, mothers brought their little children. These mothers wanted Jesus to put his hands on the children and pray for them.

When the disciples saw the mothers and children, they did not like it. Because they thought Jesus was too busy to be bothered with little children, they called the 

mothers aside and said, "You should not trouble the Master with your children. He has more important work to do."

How disappointed the mothers and children were! They wanted to see Jesus and talk to him. Perhaps some had come a long way.

Just then Jesus saw the mothers and children. He called the children to him. Jesus felt sorry for what the disciples had done. Looking at them he said, "Do not forbid the little children to come to me, for of such is the kingdom of God. Whoever of you does not receive the kingdom of God just like a little child can never enter into it." And he took the little ones in his arms to love them.

Jesus knew that children would gladly believe him and that many times they would lead older people to believe in him too. He knew their hearts were tender and quick to respond to his love. Older people were more ready to doubt and to question whether or not he was the Christ.

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