The Story of Jesus

Ten Lepers

As Jesus and his disciples passed by they met ten men who were lepers. These men had heard that Jesus healed the sick. Because they were lepers they could not go near Jesus. From a distance they called loudly, "Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!"

Never did Jesus pass by and refuse to help one who called. When he saw the lepers, he said, 

"Go show yourselves to the priests." At once the lepers started to go to the priests for an examination. And as they went the leprosy left their bodies and they were made every bit well.

One of the lepers stopped and turned back when he knew he had been healed. Running to Jesus, he fell down before him, worshiping and thanking him for this miracle. The other nine hurried on their way, never stopping to thank the great healer. Now the man who gave thanks was not a Jew, but a Samaritan.

Jesus said to his disciples, "Were not ten lepers made well? But where are the nine? None turned back to give thanks except this stranger." Then Jesus said to the man kneeling at his feet, "Rise up and go your way, for your faith has made you well."

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