The Story of Jesus

Healing On The Sabbath

Jesus went to teach in the cities and villages where the Seventy had preached and healed. On the Sabbath he went to a synagogue to worship. There he saw a woman who was badly bent over. For eighteen years she had not been able to straighten her back or shoulders. Jesus knew how hard it must be for the woman to get around. Calling her to 

him, he said, "Woman, you are no longer crippled." He put his hands on her bent back, and she was able to stand straight again.

The woman was very happy, and she praised God that she was well.

The ruler of the synagogue was angry that Jesus had healed on the Sabbath. He said, "There are six days in the week for men to work. Let the sick be healed on those days and not on the Sabbath."

But Jesus replied, "You are only pretending to keep the Law and please God. Do you untie your animals and lead them to water on the Sabbath? Then why should not this poor woman be loosed on the Sabbath from the thing that has crippled her for eighteen years?"

These words made Jesus' enemies feel ashamed. The other people praised God because they had seen his wonderful works.

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