The Story of Jesus

The Good Shepherd

No one cares for his sheep like the shepherd. They know his voice so well that they follow him over the hills, far away from the fold. He carries the lamb in his arms and keeps his eyes open for possible dangers.

When they are out on the hills the sheep feel safe while the good shepherd is with them. If a wolf should attack

them the shepherd shields them from harm. He is ready to give his life for his sheep. 

If the sheep are in the charge of a hired shepherd when the wolf comes he will run away and leave the sheep to the mercy of the wolf.

The good shepherd even knows each sheep by name, and when the keeper of the fold opens the door the shepherd calls the sheep one by one and they run out to him. 

It is the thief and the robber who climb up a back way into the fold to harm the sheep. The good shepherd comes in by the front door and leads the sheep out.

Jesus said, "I am the Good Shepherd." His sheep are the people who love and follow him.

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