The Story of Jesus

Jesus Walks On The Sea

After spending the day with Jesus, the people walked along the northern shore of the sea to their homes. The disciples climbed into their boat and started to row toward Capernaum. Jesus went up the mountain to pray alone. After nightfall a strong wind blew across the sea and beat against the little boat. The disciples rowed with all their 

might, but they could not make much progress against the wind. Higher and higher the waves dashed and rolled. The little boat could not plow through them.

How tired the disciples became! They must have remembered the time Jesus was with them and stilled the storm. If only he were with them now!

Far away on the mountain Jesus had prayed for several hours. When the storm came up, he knew how much his disciples needed him. He would go to them at once. Out across the water he walked, just as easily as if it had been land. Nearer and nearer he came to the tossing ship.

The disciples looked up and saw a person walking on the waves. How frightened they were! Each disciple thought he had seen a spirit, for surely no man could walk on the water. In fear they cried out.

When Jesus heard their cry, he said, "Do not be afraid, for it is I."

The voice was familiar, but still the disciples could scarcely believe it was Jesus. Finally Simon Peter called out, "Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you walking on the water."

And Jesus answered, "Come."

With a bound Simon Peter leaped over the side of the ship and started to Jesus. The other disciples looked on in amazement. What great power Jesus had!

A strong wind blew against Peter, and he was afraid. He looked at the waves and began to sink. "Lord, save me!" he cried out.

Jesus reached out his hand and caught Peter. "O man of little faith, why did you doubt?" Jesus asked.

The two climbed into the boat, and the others rejoiced. At once the wind stopped. Again the disciples marveled at the Master's great power. They worshiped him, saying, "Surely you are the Son of God."

When morning came, the people who had been with Jesus the day before went to find him again. They had seen the disciples leave in their boat. But Jesus had stayed behind. The people looked everywhere, but they could not find him. Finally they sailed across the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum in their search for Jesus.

At Gennesaret near Capernaum they found the Master. Here, too, crowds of people from this region gathered around him. They brought with them those who were sick.

Wherever Jesus went, in villages or cities or in the country, the people laid the sick in the road he would travel. They believed the sick would be healed if they could even touch the hem of his robe. And those who did, were healed.

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