The Story of Jesus

A Widow's Son

In the city of Nain in Galilee lived a widow. She had only one child who was now a young man. Proudly the widow had watched her son grow! She thought of the time when he would be able to earn their living.

One day the young man became ill. How worried his mother was! Day after day she sat at his bedside watching for 

some sign that he was getting better. Tenderly she nursed him, but in spite of all her loving care he grew worse. Then one day he died.

Now the widow was alone. Both her husband and her son were dead and she was very sad and lonely.

Neighbors and friends came to weep with her and plan for the funeral. They wrapped long strips of linen cloth around the lifeless body and placed it on a frame called a bier.

The funeral procession started. In front were the men carrying the bier. Many people followed. The mourners wept aloud as they slowly walked toward the burial place. Suddenly the funeral procession stopped outside the gate. Everyone wondered what had happened. Then they saw a great crowd coming toward them. Walking in front of the crowd were Jesus and his twelve disciples.

When Jesus saw the widow's great sorrow, he wanted very much to help her. He knew the deep ache and loneliness that filled her heart. "Do not weep," he said kindly. Then going over to the bier he said, "Young man, I tell you to arise!"

The young man who had been dead sat up. He began to talk. In speechless surprise those who looked on unwrapped the long linen strips from the young man's body. Then Jesus took him to his mother.

At once the cries stopped and a great silence fell over the people. They could hardly believe their own eyes. Soon they were sure that Jesus had raised the young man to life again. How they rejoiced! "A great prophet is come among us!" they exclaimed. Others cried, "Surely God has visited his people!"

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