The Story of Jesus

Choosing Twelve Apostles

Many people besides the four fishermen and Philip, Nathanael, and Matthew followed Jesus. His teachings were so wonderful that many wanted to be his pupils or disciples. They followed his company from one place to another.

Finally Jesus felt he needed to choose twelve of these men for special 

training so they could help in his great work. He wanted to send these men to places where he had never gone. They would preach to the people about the kingdom of God.

Even though Jesus knew the hearts of all men, he felt he needed God's help in choosing the Twelve. One night he slipped away quietly and climbed the mountain to pray. There in the quietness he prayed all night for help and wisdom and for strength to do his work.

When morning came Jesus was ready to choose his helpers. Leaving his place of prayer, he joined the company of followers who were waiting in the valley.

From them he chose Simon, whom he called Peter, and Andrew, the brother who first brought Simon to Jesus. Then he chose James and John, the brothers who had been partners with Simon and Andrew in the fishing business. Afterwards he chose Matthew, the publican; Philip, of Bethsaida; Thomas and Bartholomew; another James, who was the son of Alpheus; another Simon, also called Zelotes; Judas, the brother of James; and last of all Judas Iscariot, who finally sold his Lord.

To these twelve men Jesus gave the power to heal. He told them to preach the kingdom of God. These twelve he called apostles which means, "those who are sent out." And Jesus sent out the Twelve to preach to others.

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