The Story of Jesus

Jesus Heals A Leper

When Jesus and his twelve disciples came down from the mountain, a great crowd followed him. Most of the people had come from the cities and villages in Galilee, but some had even come from Jerusalem and other places in Judea.

Near by stood one poor man who did not dare press into the crowd. How much he needed to be healed of leprosy! He 

was not allowed to live among his friends and relatives for fear they would catch the disease. He was not allowed to get close enough to touch anyone who was not a leper. What an unhappy life!

The poor leper thought, "I wonder if this Jesus will heal me." Before anyone could stop him, he ran to Jesus, knelt at his feet, and worshiped him. Looking up at Jesus, the man said, "If you are willing, I know you can heal me."

Jesus looked down at the man kneeling at his feet. Great pity and love filled his heart. Jesus knew this man was dying by inches. No doctor could cure this dreaded leprosy. Jesus knew too the many unhappy days this poor man had spent away from his home and loved ones. He knew how lonely a leper was.

Jesus was not afraid to touch this poor man. Kindly he laid his hand on the leper and said, "I am willing. You are healed now." Quickly the man jumped to his feet. The weary look was gone from his eyes. The man's face was all smiles. Now he was well! How thankful he felt! At first it was hard to believe he had been healed, but when he looked at his skin, there was no sign of leprosy.

In God's law that Moses gave to the people the Lord commanded lepers to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving when they were healed. Jesus reminded the man, "Do not tell anyone about this, but go and show yourself to the priests and offer the sacrifice that Moses commanded."

The man was so happy and thankful for what Jesus had done that he could not keep quiet about it. He had to tell his friends. His friends told their friends, and so the news spread far and wide.

Everyone talked about this great miracle. Many left their homes to follow Jesus. So many people flocked to see and hear him that he could no longer enter the cities. From then on he spent much of his time in the country, and the people came to him there.

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