The Story of Jesus

The Nobleman's Son

Many people of Galilee were eager to see Jesus. It was told throughout the country that Jesus had turned the water to wine at Cana. Since then word had come about his teachings and his miracles in Jerusalem during the Passover. When Jesus entered Galilee from Samaria news of his coming spread rapidly from one city to another. Everywhere people 

hoped Jesus would come to their cities and work miracles.

One man could not wait for Jesus to come to his city. He went looking for Jesus. He was a nobleman, an honored ruler of the city of Capernaum. How worried he was because his little son lay sick with a burning fever! The doctors could not help the little boy. How much the father wanted to see his son well again!

As soon as the nobleman heard about Jesus, he hurried to find him. When he found Jesus, he pleaded with the Master to come and heal his son. Without Jesus' healing touch, the child might die.

So many people were following Jesus just to see him work miracles that Jesus said, "Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe that I am sent of God."

Again the nobleman begged, "Sir, if you do not come at once, my son may be dead before we reach him."

Jesus looked kindly at the distressed father. He said, "Go back home. Your son lives."

Because the nobleman believed Jesus' words, he started back to Capernaum. No longer was he afraid for his son. Jesus had said the boy was well.

As the nobleman approached Capernaum, his servants came running to meet him. He could tell by their faces that they had good news. "Your son lives. He is well," they said.

"At what time," asked the nobleman, "did he begin to get better?"

And the servants replied, "His fever left him yesterday at the seventh hour."

That was the very hour Jesus had told the nobleman, "Your son lives." Not only the nobleman but also all his household believed in Jesus when they heard how the sick boy had been healed.

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