The Story of Jesus

First Miracle

A family in Cana of Galilee gave a feast. One of the family was to be married, and they had invited many people to the wedding. Among the guests were Jesus, his mother, and his followers.

The wedding feast lasted several days. Perhaps these people were poor, or maybe they had not expected so many friends to come. The 

feast was not over, but the wine was all gone.

When Jesus' mother found out about this, she called her son aside. "They have no more wine," she explained. Wouldn't he help their friends at a time like this?

Mary called the servants. Pointing to Jesus, she said, "Do whatever he tells you."

And Jesus told them, "Fill the water pots with water."

And the servants filled the huge jars to the brim. Then Jesus said, "Pour out some and take it to the governor of the feast."

Again they obeyed. But instead of water, wine came out of the great stone jars. How surprised they were! Quickly they carried some to the governor of the feast, for he had to taste everything before it was served to the guests.

The governor took the wine without knowing what had happened. When he tasted it, he was surprised that this was much better than the wine that had already been served.

At once the governor called the bridegroom and told him, "At other wedding feasts the best wine is served first, but you have kept the best until the last."

This was Jesus' first miracle. By it he had helped people who were in need. The men who were with Jesus marveled at what he had done. Surely no man could do such miracles!

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